Natural Bridge Alabama

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Aside from the numerous waterfalls Alabama has to offer, there are also incredible rock formations and unique geological features. One of which is the Natural Bridge.

Natural Bridge, Alabama Trip Summary

Location: Natural Bridge Park in Winston County, AL
Hike Length: 1.5 miles (round trip)
Cost: $3.50 (Adults); $2.50 (kids)
Best Time to Visit: The Natural Bridge is open year-round. The ferns and flora will be prettiest in the spring or when the colors turn in the fall, but the heavy shade makes this a nice trip even in summer!

How was Natural Bridge Formed?

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As the name suggests, it is indeed a natural bridge made up of sandstone and iron ore that formed more than 200 million years ago from water erosion.

It stands at 60 feet high and is 148 feet long, and is the longest natural bridge east of the Rocky Mountains in North America. It can be found in Natural Bridge Park in Winston County, which is open to the public. Aside from the bridge, guests can also enjoy the park’s 30-minute nature trail, picnic accommodations, and for plant lovers, 27 fern varieties and various types of hemlock.


The Natural Bridge is said to have been used by the Native Americans for shelter. If you look closely, an Indian head looks to be watching over the area in the picture below!


A reminder though: you are not allowed to walk across the Natural Bridge. You can only view it from below. But nevertheless, the view is amazing.

The short walk will be easy for all types, and the small store at the parking lot offers a place to get refreshments and memorabilia. All in all, this a fun day trip for the whole family.

Other Attractions near Natural Bridge, Alabama

While you’re in the area, why not consider visiting a few waterfalls in nearby Bankhead National Forest. Popular ones include Caney Creek Falls, Holmes Chapel Falls, and Sougahoagdee Falls.

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