DeSoto Falls Alabama: 100+ Foot Drop and Stunning Canyon

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Desoto Falls near Mentone, Alabama and De Soto State Park

Visit DeSoto Falls in Alabama inside DeSoto State Park for gorgeous, unencumbered (yikes!) views of this impressive 107 foot waterfall.

At a Glance

  • 0.1 mi round trip
  • Nice View
  • Not for Kids
  • Not for Dogs
Location: Near Fort Payne in Desoto State Park Alabama (maps & directions)
Gear: Our favorite snacks and camera gear
Gallery: Check out the pictures here

DeSoto Falls - Trip Details

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DeSoto Falls is an impressive sight after a rain at over 100 feet tall. And, you can drive right up so it's easily accessible for all. Just be careful to keep an eye on your kids and dogs around the falls, railing and fencing around the falls is incomplete, and people have often died here (usually swimming) over the years.

The falls and park facilities are at the end of DeSoto Falls trail, and there is even picturesque DeSoto State Park Lake to enjoy above the falls with a small fall over its dam.

Take the pathway down to the falls themselves and continue down to the end of the railed section on the right for a truly harrowing view of the falls overhanging the basin with no railing.

Desoto Falls at sunrise

More Waterfalls around Desoto State Park

Your trip to DeSoto Falls could easily turn into an entire day of hikes and waterfalls. Nearby DeSoto State Park is home to several falls like the Lost Falls and Indian Falls, and Little River Canyon National Preserve connects to it and continues south with multiple large falls to see such as Little River Falls just off of Highway 35.  If you have time though, you might also want to visit Neversink Falls, an hour drive from DeSoto Falls.

If you want to visit more Alabama waterfalls, we have listed 10 of the best waterfalls that you can visit for a day trip.  

DeSoto Falls Map, Directions, and Resources

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    34.706611, -83.915250

Other Resources

Park Website
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One Comment on “DeSoto Falls Alabama: 100+ Foot Drop and Stunning Canyon”

  1. Just want to mention that the area above the dam above the falls is the West Fork of Little River, and you can actually paddle upstream for several miles. People can bring their own or rent boats there in picnic area from DeSoto State Park’s Millers Bend Paddle Shack during the season.
    Also suggest NOT using GPS to get around in the area, as service is horrible. DeSoto State Park has written directions on their website

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