Laurel Falls

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Laurel Falls in De Soto State Park

Laurel Falls is just a short walk beyond Azalea Cascades in DeSoto State Park.

At a Glance

  • 5280 mi round trip
  • Nice View
  • Kids OK
  • Dogs OK
Location: Near Fort Payne in DeSoto State Park Alabama (maps & directions)
Gear: Our favorite snacks and camera gear
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Laurel Falls – Trip Details

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Getting to the Laurel Falls is a great adventure to unwind. You need to take first a boardwalk all the way to the Azalea Cascades. Once you have reached there, you should be able to start your way leading to the Laurel Falls.

To avoid getting lost, simply follow the red or orange diamonds on the way. Walk for a ½ mile until you reach a rock standing on the ground with the sign Laurel Falls. From here, it’s a short walk to the falls. You will also find that the water flow over the falls varies widely based on rainfall so it is highly recommended to visit during December instead of summer.

One way to start your journey towards the Laurel Falls is to head towards DeSoto State Park. You can also choose to pass through Fort Payne. To avoid getting lost, follow the signs placed on the major intersections going to DeSoto State Park. You can drive until you pass through DeKalb County Road 89 to enter the state park. Stop at the parking area in Azalea Cascades Boardwalk and head towards the boardwalk. Turn to your right and follow the red/orange diamonds placed on the trees that lead to a trail going uphill. Continue following the red/orange trail where you will pass the campground sign. You will know that you have finally reached your destination when you see a rock standing on the ground and painted with Laurel Falls. Head towards a short detour to see the beautiful falls.

More Waterfalls around DeSoto State Park

Your trip to Laurel Falls can turn into a full weekend of waterfall hikes. There’s DeSoto Falls and Indian Falls, as well as the Little River Canyon falls of Little River Falls, Martha’s Falls, and Grace’s High Falls.

DeSoto Falls Map, Directions, and Resources

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  • Laurel Falls in Desoto State Park near Mentone, AL

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