Waterfalls that are in Caves in Alabama

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Neversink Falls alabama

Waterfalls are wonderful on their own, but imagine one inside a cave! Thinking about it is enough to make me want to drop everything and just go. Check out these amazing pictures!

Stephen’s Gap

With a waterfalls in the background and light seeping through, Stephen's Gap is always picture ready.
Source: https://alabamaliving.coop/article/spectacular-stephens-gap/

Stephen’s Gap is the favorite cave for photographers. It is located in Woodville and is just a short drive from Cathedral Caverns. It is best to be there around noon so you can see light rays beam through the gaps. The waterfall that flows in the cave serves as a perfect backdrop for light to reflect, creating incredible beams of light in the cave. Just a reminder though, this gem requires a permit and caving skills, so make sure you get one before heading there. Visit scci.org for more instructions on getting the permit.

Neversink Falls

Rappeling down Neversink Pit with the falls in your background make this one of the most photographed falls in Alabama.
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Neversink Pit is one of the most photographed sinkholes in the country. It is home to the Neversink Falls which, with its ribbony flows of water, serves as a backdrop for adventurers who opt to rappel down the pit and into the cave system below it. The pit is 40 feet wide at the top and the total drop is 162 ft. As it is a long rappel down, a permit is required to keep people safe. If you’re interested in a trip, visit our page for a detailed trip guide on Neversink Pit and Falls.

Topless Dome

Definitely, one of the waterfalls at 396 feet.
Source: https://flavorverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Waterfalls-Alabama-Kings-Shower.jpg

Topless Dome, located within the Tumbling Rock Cave in Jackson County, is a marvel to look at. It is a three to six hour cave hike so make sure you are fully equipped and ready if you decide to visit this beauty. There's also a 6' falls called King's Shower in the same section. Your reward after that spelunking activity? A 396 foot vertical drop waterfall! And if that isn’t enough, the cave itself offers some very nice stalagmites, stalactites and column formations, one of which is called the Elephant’s Feet due to its massive size.

Visiting these falls may seem more strenuous than our usual hikes to other falls. But hey, sometimes great things require great effort, don’t you think? 😉

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5 Comments on “Waterfalls that are in Caves in Alabama”

  1. Topless Dome is the name of the 396′ falls in Tumbling Rock. Kings Shower is the much shorter 6′ falls you climb entering this section. Cave safely.

    1. You sound like you have some experience. I wouldn’t know where to start!

      Thanks for the clarifications, Nathan. I’ll update that in the article.

      1. Indeed. I have caved in Tumbling Rock for over 2 decades and have served as a property manager there since the SCCI acquired it. When posting such places to a broad audience, it would be good to include a link to information on safe caving practices. We often have people come that we have to turn away because of misconceptions of what to expect. Our preserve is unique in that we live onsite and can advise visitors of conditions.

  2. Because of two deaths within three months of each other, Stephen’s Gap Cave has been closed by the owner and no visitation is allowed until it is re-opened. The picture above shows people taking an unnecessary risk to stand on “The Pedestal”, risking a 40 foot fall and possible death. It is inappropriate to publish such a picture, which may lead to other people risking their lives (and the possible closure of the cave permanently). Waterfalls within caves require special skills, equipment, and training to be able to view them safely. To acquire such training, go to Caves.org, which lists caving organizations in your area which supply the needed training.

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