Thompson Falls Alabama

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Thompson Falls near Guntersville, AL

Thompson Falls in Alabama is a series of three cascading waterfalls just a few minutes from Lake Guntersville and Arab, Alabama. Visit after a heavy rain for the best pictures as this little creek is quite seasonal. Update: The current owners do not welcome visitors, see the comments for the latest updates.

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  • Kids OK
  • Dogs OK
Location: Near Thompson Falls in Alabama (maps & directions)
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Thompson Falls - Trip Details

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To get to the falls, use the GPS coordinates below to get to Thompson Falls Road and then turn onto Thompson Falls Drive. About 1/4 of a mile up and back down the hill, there is a small dirt road on the left with a No Dumping sign. This is where you'll start your hike. Find a place to park on the side of the road and walk out this dirt road for about 1/4 of a mile.  The road will follow the creek and then turn to cross the creek over an old concrete bridge crossing Mink’s Creek.  

Just below the bridge is the first fall.

Upper Thompson Falls near Arab, AL

While you're here, cross the bridge and follow the trail on the other side that leads to the bottom of the falls.  After the first waterfall, be sure to follow the trail further down to see the other falls too.

If you do the trip in the spring or the fall, you'll see more water and fewer leaves as things are a little tight in this gap.

Spring emerges at Thompson Falls near Lake Guntersville in Alabama

Here's a shot of the cascade below the falls.

Thompson Falls cascade

Photo courtesy of Lane Leopard Photography

More Waterfalls around Lake Guntersville

Thompson Falls is within 30 miles of High Falls Park and just a touch further from Griffin Falls to the east. Half an hour to the west and south, you can visit Welti Falls and Mardis Mill Falls on the way to Birmingham.

Thompson Falls Map, Directions, and Resources

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    34.314538, -86.422208

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6 Comments on “Thompson Falls Alabama”

    1. I recall a county-related sign, but I would imagine it’s actually unposted private property. It’s obvious people in the area have used the access to dump construction waste along the road in spots. I would suggest taking a bag in and walking some trash out to make sure this stays open for all to enjoy.

  1. Private property and the owner doesn’t mind telling you all about how he has the right to shoot trespassers. Don’t go. We had kids with us and they were rather startled. At the VERY least he should be understanding of the fact that the falls were public for many years and people aren’t aware of the change yet (the change being that someone has the nerve to restrict access to waterfalls.) There were no ‘no trespassing’ signs when we visited. There was a gate, but so does every road in a state park. “Uh look, God. I know you made them, but I felt like I was the only one with a right to see them”

    Oh and look up purple paint laws. Apparently our overlords passed a law saying it’s okay to use purple paint to identify private property, but can’t be bothered to make it common knowledge.

    1. Thanks for the update, Jeff. I’ll post a note in the intro to the article to let everyone know the situation.

  2. Just like Jeff said the owner is so happy to tell you that it’s his land and he can shoot any trespassers. My husband and I have been going to the falls since we were kids. Now we have kids of our own and have taken them up there to enjoy the falls just like we did as kids. Until this new owner took over and took all the joy away. We had 6 kids with us who were so excited to see the falls. My kids left crying and didnt understand why they couldnt go like we use to. I understand they dont want people using the area as a dumping ground. My kids have respect for the land and we have spent time picking up the trash in that area. But what pissed me off the most was the stuff he has that scared me kids. They need to make a public announcement in the news paper or something that’s it’s not open to the public anymore. Cause we sure as he** didnt know.

  3. It is private property, but I went in 2021 and 2022 and didn’t have any problems with the owner. Ran across somebody in a golfcart claiming to be the owner and said they didn’t mind respectful visitors, but best to proceed with caution just in case

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