Best Places to Hike in Alabama

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Looking for best places to hike in Alabama and enjoy what nature has to offer? Breathe some fresh air and hike or bike with your loved ones around the beautiful places worth visiting in the state. Get a chance to embrace nature and see stunning waterfalls and abundant wildlife. In this post, let’s check out what are the best trails in Alabama for hiking and biking.

If you're a fan of waterfalls, check out our list of the best trails in Alabama with waterfalls too!

1. Alabama Reunion Trail

campfire trail
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Found in Wind Creek State Park, the Reunion Trail is about 3.8 miles long and covered with beds of ferns and wildlife. The trail can be classified from moderate to difficult where you will have to pass through hardwood bottoms and pine forests. You can also find an old homesite at the northern end of the trail.

2. Campfire Trail

campfire trail


Also known as the Wind Creek State Park Yellow Trail, the Campfire Trail stretches 1.8 miles and is popular among moderate hikers. On the trail, you will pass through a hardwood forest, pines, and near a lake. If you want to see blooming buckeye, white dogwood, and oak leaf hydrangea, then you should visit this trail during spring. You will also get a chance to witness the abundant wildlife in the area during your hike such as deer, woodpeckers, turkeys, ducks, and even bald eagles.

3. Jimmy Sims Birding Trail

Jimmy Sims Birding Trail


This 0.5 mile trail was an idea of Jimmy Sims, a naturalist and employee at Joe Wheeler State Park. The best time to visit this trail is during the winter season where the water level in this area goes down, forms a mudflat and attracts both migrant and local wading birds and waterfowls. For those who would love to see varieties of bird species, this is definitely the best place to hike during winter months.

4. Butler’s Pass at Lake Guntersville State Park

Butler's Pass


Do you love the thrill of traversing rocky trails through the mountains? Then you should visit Butler’s Pass at Lake Guntersville State Park. The Butler’s Pass stretches 1.3 miles with the Moonshine Trail is at the lower end and Nature Trail at its upper end. Ascend from the Moonshine Trail and enjoy the scenic view of the surrounding hills and Lake Guntersville. Although the trail has some rocky sections, it is overall moderate for most hikers.

5. Bald Rock Boardwalk

Bald Rock Boardwalk


This 0.6 mile trail is the most popular at Cheaha State Park. You can traverse the elevated wooden boardwalk, or the dirt trail on side of the boardwalk, and appreciate the amazing vista found at the end of the trail. Here, you can use the stairs leading to an overlook or walk down to the rocks below the trail. Overall the trail is easily reached from the main road and is handicap-friendly.

6. Pete’s Sake Trail

Pete's Sake Trail


If you are a bit adventurous and love fun runs, narrow bridges, steep slopes, loose rocks, and slightly technical climbs, then Pete’s Sake Trail in Chewacla State Park is the right place for you. In partnership with CAMP (Central Alabama Mountain Peddlers), a 28-mile trail was opened to the public with Pete’s Sake Trail occupying the 8 miles trail. This great trail system is shared by both hikers and bikers where everyone can enjoy the scenic overviews and vistas.

7. Dam Trail at Lake Lurleen State Park

Dam Trail


If you love the idea of hiking beside a beautiful lake, then you should go to the Dam Trail at Lake Lurleen State Park. You can access this four miles trail (2 miles in and 2 miles back) starting at the South Trail Head near the park’s entrance. You can enjoy a walk beside the lake towards the dam and spillway, or even go fishing along the banks. The trail is classified from easy to moderate with some inclined sections, so it’s ideal for anyone who just want leisure walks in the afternoon.

8. Point Rock Boardwalk

Point Rock


Point Rock Boardwalk is a popular trail at Buck’s Pocket State Park. If you don’t mind for a short walk on uneven rocky areas in exchange for a breathtaking view of Buck’s Pocket Canyon, then this trail is definitely worth it. Sitting above the valley floor 800 feet high are massive sandstone formations where you can enjoy the views of spring blossoms and fall foliage. At the end of the trail, appreciate the beauty of nature with the sun set over this vista.

9. Blue Trail to Kings Chair Overlook

Blue Trail


The Blue Trail to Kings Chair Overlook is a 1 3/4 miles trail at Oak Mountain State Park. The trail is classified as moderate with only a few steep sections you need to traverse. You will also find some small creek crossings with cooler temperatures, an ideal place to relax during your hike. When you visit this place during the spring, you will get to see a lot of wildflowers blooming. If you are up for a challenge, you can go to the Eagles Nest which is a bit difficult but rewarding experience as you enjoy the scenic view of the park. Along the way, you can even bring your own portable hammock to take small breaks and unwind.

10. Monte Sano State Park South Plateau Loop Trail

Monte Sano


Located near Huntsville, the South Plateau Loop Trail stretches 3.5 miles and is considered easy to moderate trail, making it friendly for family hikes. The generally flat trail starts and ends at the Hikers Parking lot within the state park. The place is also great for picnics or hike towards the mountaintop to enjoy scenic views. The trail features the O'Shaughnessy Point and provide a number of rest shelters along the way.

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