Pisgah Gorge Falls

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Pisgah Gorge Falls feature

The Pisgah Gorge Falls are an impressive pair of waterfalls just west of Scottsboro across the Tennessee River. The impressive gorge cut by Little Bryant Creek is a sight by itself, and the two large, cascading falls make this a must-see.

At a Glance

  • 1.2 mi round trip
  • Nice View
  • Kids OK
  • Not for Dogs
Location: Near Pisgah in Pisgah Civitan Park Alabama (maps & directions)
Gear: Our favorite snacks and camera gear
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Pisgah Gorge Falls - Trip Details

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The Pisgah Gorge Falls are located in the back of the Pisgah Civitan Park. There's a small parking lot just off of County Rd 374 where you can park. From there, follow the gravel road to the back of the park past the baseball field and follow the path to the overlook of the upper fall.

The view is partially obscured by vegetation, especially in the warmer months. But, you can still see most of the waterfall, and it's an impressive sight!  This first overlook is safe for small children and dogs.

From this point at the overlook, you can go back and follow a trail to the right (west) to the top of the fall and the overflow dam. The view from the trail is obscured here, so the only real opportunity for photos is at the dam itself.

Pisgah Gorge dam just above the upper falls

Don't stop here though, because there's another waterfall and overlook downstream from the upper falls that you really have to see. To get there, you'll follow the trail to the east from the main overlook platform. You'll hike several hundred yards before getting to a rocky outcrop on your left. This is Lower Pisgah Gorge Falls.

BE CAREFUL at this overlook! There is no railing or fence, so use caution and stay away from the edges.

The drop is precipitous from this point, but the view is amazing! Those with children and dogs should use added caution.

Pisgah Gorge lower falls overlook

The lower falls are just as impressive as the first, and the overlook lets you get an appreciation of the rest of the gorge downstream as well. From here, you can simply backtrack to get back to your car and continue on your adventure.

More Waterfalls around Pisgah Civitan Park

Since you're close by, consider a short trip (about 20 miles) to the Mentone area to see Desoto Falls or one of the many falls in Desoto State Park like Lodge Falls, Indian Falls, Laurel Falls, and Lost Falls.

Just a little further downstream on the Little River, you can also tour the waterfalls of Little River Canyon National Preserve, Little River Falls, Little Falls or Martha's Falls, and Grace's High Falls.

Or, schedule time (permit required for both) to enjoy Neversink Falls or the cave at Stephen's Gap just across the river. They are truly unique features in the state, how many other places do you see a waterfall in a cave?!?

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