Welti Falls

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Welti Falls 2

Visit beautiful Welti Falls for an impressive cascade just off of I-65 between Decatur and Birmingham. Photo source: Lane Leopard Photography

Note: This is on private property and public access is questionable, check out the comments below for the latest info.

At a Glance

  • 0.5 mi round trip
  • Nice View
  • Not for Kids
  • Not for Dogs
Location: Near Cullman in - Alabama (maps & directions)
Gear: Our favorite snacks and camera gear
Gallery: Check out the pictures here

Welti Falls – Trip Details

Getting to Welti Falls is a bit of a challenge, so start out with the directions below. From the intersection of County Road 703 and 747, you’ll go west for 2 miles and come to a bridge. You can park just before the bridge and hop onto the trail to the falls.

You will follow Brindley Creek up from Eightmile Creek toward Forest Ingram Lake. The falls are just below the lake.

It’s about 1/2 a mile to the falls and is a pretty easy walk. Just be careful on the rocks.

More Waterfalls around Welti Falls

Just southeast of Welti Falls, you can also visit Mardis Mill Falls. Or, the Sipsey Wilderness in Bankhead National Forest is about an hour west with Caney Creek Falls and Kinlock Falls as the main attractions.

Welti Falls Map, Directions, and Resources

  • Directions

    Get Directions
  • Parking

    Limited on the roadside
  • GPS Coordinates

    34.144704, -86.771640

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  • Welti Falls near Birmingham, AL

10 Comments on “Welti Falls”

  1. This is not what it seems. The falls are actually on private property. The county has put up no parking signs along side county road 703 where this blog says you can park but no one seems to adhere to them. The sheriffs department and Alabama State Troopers have towed numerous vehicles. They have also gotten on their bullhorns and told people to get off the falls. People go up there and leave their trash etc. Some of us who live nearby wish people would stay away. This is not a tourist attraction.

  2. Sign says Daystar Children’s Ministry adopted this beautiful waterfall area in order to keep it liter free. The sign is posted and at the top of the sign it says: Weilti Falls and adjoining hiking trails. This does give the impression of some type of public access and if not, someone is using a ministry for children to privately keep their land clean. Sounds like it is some type of public trust area.

    1. I’m not sure why the Daystar sing is there, but as a resident of the area, I can assure everyone this is not a tourist attraction. The property the waterfall is on is private property. The land belongs to a chicken plant just up from the falls.

  3. Don’t follow apple or google maps. Follow the fire from this site to avoid trespassing and having a gun pulled on you! XD just saying

  4. We went today. Saw several other groups hiking the trail. From the road we parked at, hiked, climbed to the top of the falls and back out. Other than google maps taking us to the wrong side, it was an okay trip. Trail is littered with trash all over the place, a shame really.

    1. Thanks for the warning about Google maps. It’s going to take people carrying in empty bags and taking trash out for a while to turn this spot around unfortunately.

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